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Assalaamu'alaikum Wr.Wb

Praise our thanks to the presence of Allah SWT. In the era of regional autonomy, within the scope of globalization and optimal use of digital technology, we can arrange Investment Profile of Bangkalan Regency. This profile is structured with a view to providing information services about the investment potential of the complete regency of Bangkalan. The short-term goal of this profile is to optimize the promotion of investment potentials owned by Bangkalan Regency to foreign and domestic investors. While the long-term goals are:

1. Availability of investment profile of Bangkalan Regency as promotional materials that have complete, accurate, up to date, continuous data.

2. Availability of information potential areas that are more focused so as to increase the competitive advantage Kab. Bangkalan as an attractive area for investment purposes.

Promotion of potential investment in Bangkalan is absolutely necessary because geographically Bangkalan Regency has strategic value, because it is closest to Java Island. Bangkalan is the gateway to traffic of goods and services connecting Java and Madura. Bangkalan is also projected to be the pole of economic growth in East Java Province.

The strategic value and role of Bangkalan Regency in investment and trade will be more vital if the construction of Suramadu Bridge is completed, The result of growth projection shows Madurese economy (including Bangkalan) in 2017 post operation of Suramadu Bridge is developing rapidly for capital-intensive industries. The industry as an engine of growth, is expected to encourage the development of other sectors, such as trade, construction, transportation and communications.

In addition to these conditions, the potential of Human Resources (SDM) and Natural Resources (SDA) Bangkalan Regency is very ready and able to support the creation of growth and progress Bangkalan District. Data related to this can be seen in this profile.

So that we can convey, hopefully the investment profile of Bangkalan Regency is able to provide complete information so as to meet the needs and attract investors to invest in Bangkalan regency. Any realization of new investment in Bangkalan regency will bring benefits to Bangkalan community through the creation of new jobs and the accompanying economic growth.

Thank you for your attention, Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Bangkalan, August 2017

R. Muh.Makmun Ibn Fuad, SE

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