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Assalaamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Bless stars for Allah, the almighty and most worthy of praise. At region autonomy era, at globalization scope and optimal utilization of digital technology, we can compose interactive investment profile of Bangkalan regency. This profile is composed with an intention to provide complete information service about investment potential of Bangkalan regency through the latest information system applications. Short term purpose to make this profile is to optimize promotion enhancement for Bangkalan regency investment potential toward foreign and domestic investor. Whereas the long term purposes are :

1. Availability of Bangkalan regency interactive investment profile as promotion materials having complete, accurate, up to date, and continual data, to fulfill investor need.

2. Availability of more focusing area potential information with the result that able to increase Bangkalan regency
competitive advantage as interesting region for investment purpose.

Besides of potential investment possesed by Bangkalan regency, Bangkalan regency government has prepared policies, programs and in order to create economical development and growth at Bangkalan regency. Presently, Bangkalan regency local government has had organization structure and administration (SOTK) appropriate to PP 41 year 2008. In which, with this SOTK, supposed to be more able to fulfil society hope toward better, effective and efficient public service. This new SOTK is especially also supposed toe able to accelerate the investment improvement because containing better policies of investment development service and pro-business (related to the projection of industrialization implementation at Bangkalan). One of the Policies is the establishment of integrated licensing service office (one roof) which this office merging all licensing services use to be in several

Such that we can explain, we hope that this interactive investment profile of bangkalan regency able to provide complete information about potential investment posessed by Bangkalan regency with the result that able to fulfil teh requirement of complete, accurate, up to date about investment potential data need, and able to attract investor interest to invest at Bangkalan regency. Every new investment realization at Bangkalan regency Insya Allah will bring benefit for Bangkalan people through the availability of new job demand and followed economics growth.

Thank you for your kind attention

Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Bangkalan, Februari 2016

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